Why You Should Apply Or Not Apply Makeup?

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Hello lovely readers,

Well we are done with the about me section in my last post, now let’s talk about some things that matter; makeup, pop corn, movies, travel, the sound of rain, a laughing baby, silly romantic novels do the trick for me! Which are the things that make you happy/? Do share with me in the comments section below!

Today, let’s talk about makeup. Let me tell you a bit about myself first, I never applied anything on my face for the longest time possible. I was never a girly girl. My friends used to call me tomboy when I was in school and even in college also. Then I started writing for a beauty blog and things changed completely!


I never knew that I had it in me to apply makeup and feel empowered from within. I still don’t apply makeup on a daily basis but I still like to do little bits to make myself feel like a superwoman. Yes I feel like a superwoman when I apply that red lippie and when my face is flawless (with foundation ofcourse!)

I am not preaching here that one has to apply makeup to feel empowered but this is something that works for me, going bare-faced might work for you. It is definitely one’s own choice, whether you want to be all dolled up or you don’t! Don’t let anyone else tell you differently.

Now coming to the topic, why you should apply makeup or not apply makeup; here are my reasons!

Makeup will lift your mood

Have you been crying all night and you are feeling like bleh in the mornings? Well try swiping that bright fuchsia shade lying around in your vanity! You will forget your woes for initial few seconds and would just marvel at those pouty lips. Isn’t that enough to boost up your spirits.

Or…Maybe it will not!

You poor thing, you have been crying all night and all you want is to be in your PJs, watch some Netflix and have that huge tub of ice-cream. By all means, go ahead and do that. You don’t want your mood lifted. It is OK as there is always a tomorrow.

It will transform you


Yes, obviously it will! You don’t think people are silly enough to think that your lips are naturally purple or you were born with those lengthened and volumized lashes. Makeup does transform you in whichever way you want!

It won’t if you don’t want it too

Not everyone is comfortable flaunting those intimidating shades of lippies so it is completely OK if you don’t want any transformation. You feel like a rock star wearing nothing on your face then by all mean go ahead!

It will enhance your features

Yes makeup is the best tool to enhance those small eyes or to get those luscious pouty lips. If you want attention on any particular facial feature then you can achieve that by applying makeup.

No…It won’t!

You don’t have to use makeup if you feel you are beautiful just the way you are. Makeup will empower only if you feel like so. If you feel your best with just a perfectly moisturized face then don’t think or look any further!

Lastly, do whatever your heart feels like and don’t think you have to answer anybody regarding your life’s choices. If you love makeup then flaunt it unapologetically and if you don’t then it is completely okay too!

You are a diva and a rock star with or without it!


Love you

Vandna 🙂

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