Why Girls Have To Adjust More?

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Hi ladies,

You don’t even know how to cook and you are dreaming of getting married!

You can’t even make round chapattis, who would want to keep you after marriage?

You are a disgust to our family, you are so different from normal/usual girls, you are not like Sharma Ji’s daughter, you are so self-centred, you never think about others, you never care about your little brother, you would have to adjust a lot and you are good for nothing!

Why? Why would I have to adjust? Why? Why? Why?

Oh yes, because I was born a girl!


A guy can get away with anything and his mother would still support him by saying, he is a boy! Does a boy equal god! Not in my dictionary for sure!

From early on, we girls are meant to behave in a certain way and dress in a certain way! I have heard girls saying that they can’t wear jeans because their dad doesn’t like it and that is why they wear suits. After few years these same girls are saying I am not allowed to wear suits at my in-laws as my husband likes to see me in sarees only! When will live your own life my dear? When will you live for yourself?

Yes it is okay to think about your family and to take care of your loved ones but give others the chance to do the same for you. Do everything you are supposed to do for your family for 23 hours of the day but have at least 1 hour to yourself in a day.

A girl is not a machine who can work round the clock catering to other people’s needs and why the hell a girl is expected to bury all her hopes and dreams as soon as she gets married!

There are few girls who lead an independent life, their parents totally support their decisions and suddenly everything changes as soon as their marriage gets fixed. The same mother who used to say, beta study well and do something of your life so that you won’t have to confine yourself to kitchen all day long like me says you should know how to cook as you will have to cook for your future family. Start waking up early; you will have to wake up before everyone else at your new home. Even if your husband says anything to you, don’t argue with him. He is your man and he is always right (Oh really, Mom I can give you 10 instances where I have been a better decision maker than him).

Ma, you raised your daughter to not be dependent on anyone, you raised her to make her own decisions and what changed now?

It feels like compromise already and why should I compromise and why would I settle? You told me not to settle, remember?

And what is the deal with changing your entire wardrobe after marriage? You are getting married and not dying, right? Why a girl is expected to wear eye blinding colours in shiny and heavy fabrics? Well can’t people just let a girl be? Can you expect a guy to wear dhoti-kurta or kurta payjama for rest of his life, obviously no then how do you expect a girl to wear traditional attires throughout her life! If a girl likes to wear traditional dresses then by all means it is her wish but if she has been a jeans and tee girl then how can you say that she would have to ditch her usual clothes and wear suits and sarees for the rest of her life?

A guy said to my friend, why are you buying all these clothes as you won’t get to wear them after our marriage because you will only have to wear suits! This boiled my blood like anything! (I have nothing against any kinds of attires but that should be a girl’s choice na and not an obligation?)

No one has the right to boss a girl around just because she is a girl or just because you are a guy!

A girl can do whatever her heart desires so next time your so called well wishers tell you what to wear, you know what to do!

STAND UP FOR YOURSELF GIRL, no one else is going to do that for you. Don’t wait for your knight in shining armour instead be one for yourself and your family.

Sorry for the long post and all the blabbering but I just wanted to share it with you all.




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