7 Ways To Be Careful In A New Relationship

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Hello ladies,

I am back again with a new post on relationships! Have you recently started dating someone or has someone expressed the desire to be with you in a romantic relationship? If your answer is yes then you are at the right place!

In today’s post I will tell you some ways to be careful if you are in a new relationship.

So let’s get started!

Don’t lose yourself

When we get in a new relationship then we tend to do things just the impress the other person. It is okay to an extent but no matter what you do, try to be true to yourself and do not go out of your way in the first month itself!

Don’t pretend to be someone else

Don’t be someone else’s idea of perfect and try to be the best version of yourself. If a person can love you for who are then take it as a win!

Don’t compare

You probably might have had a serious relationship before and it didn’t work out for you guys! Don’t come with a baggage of previous relationship and don’t look at your new relationship through tinted glasses. Try not to compare your relationships and start off with a new slate.

Don’t rush into labels

Oh yes you had a great date night, you did all the lovey dovey things and now you just want to shout to the world that you are in a relationship! It is okay you can certainly do that but try to be a bit patient about everything and try not to rush into labels after you have had your first date!

Don’t give in too fast

It may be really tempting to give in but if you really want a long lasting relationship then patience is the key! Get to know each other a bit more and then go ahead with whatever you crave for!

Don’t lose your personal space

When it is the start of a new relationship then all you want is to spend each waking moment with each other doing all sorts of mushy things but what happens after a year when you have that nasty fight with your partner but you are all alone! Well in the process of finding a partner you lost all your friends! Try not to do this mistake and don’t forget your own life.

Don’t expect too much

When we are in a relationship then it is only natural to expect and there is no harm in that but when it is a new one and you are still getting to know each other then try not to expect a hell lot from each other. This way, you both will be able to hold on to each other for much longer.


Vandna 🙂

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