Tips To Wear Red Lipstick Like A Pro

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Hello ladies,

How are you all today? Well I am wearing red lippie today and you know what that means for me, well I feel on top of the world today! Red lipstick does it for me. It makes me all happy and chirpy. Is there any colour that has the same effect on you?

However, some ladies are afraid of flaunting red lippie, I just don’t get why? Red lipsticks can be so empowering. You just need to find the shade that is meant for you. In today’s post let me give you some tips and tricks to wear red lipstick like a pro. So let’s get started.


Prep Your Lips

Red lipsticks could get pretty strong to work with. You need to prep your lips beforehand. Now prepping here contains two steps.



If you have a lip scrub then use it or you can make your own. Just take little bit granulated sugar and pour little olive oil on it. Use this mixture to gently scrub your lips. Now take a tissue and blot the excess oil off your face.



Scrubbing should be enough but if you still feel that extra dose of moisturization then use a lip balm on your lips before starting your makeup. Your lips will be prepped when it will come to lipstick application.

Choose The Correct Formula

Matte, creamy, sheer, glossy, semi-matte and what not! There are so many different lipstick formulas out there which can get a bit overwhelming. Experiment with different ones and go for the one which you find most comfortable and the one which looks great on you.

Choose the right shade

Yes, you can try any red colour but sometimes knowing and going by your skin tone and undertones make a lot of difference. Very fair skin can choose a true red with blue tones, warm skin tones can choose more coral reds and dusky skin toned beauties can choose maroon and plum based reds.

Use A Lip Liner

Using a lip liner underneath can help you to give your lips proper line before applying lipstick. Using a lip liner will also increase the longevity of your lipsticks by a few hours. Always use a matching toned pencil or a nude color pencil that blends into your natural lip color and not anything completely different.

Use A Concealer

You can use concealer in two ways.

  1. If the colour of your lipstick looks really different on your lips then before applying lipstick, layer your lips with concealer and then apply your lipsticks. By doing this, the actual colour of lipstick will show up on your face.
  2. If you want your lips to stand out even more then you can use a concealer around the edges of your lips to provide them proper definition before or after lipstick application.

Play Up Your Eyes Too

Don’t think that applying red lippie is enough to look made up. Red colour is really strong and can make other parts of the face washed out especially your eyes. Try doing up your eyes a bit too. A little bit of kajal, mascara or a liner with defined brows will go a long way in balancing the whole look.

Don’t Over-Do Your Makeup

Red lips are statement maker in themselves. You don’t anything else taking the focus away from your lips. Keep the rest of your look subtle, use everything but in moderation and let your red lips do the talking on your behalf!

So ladies, these were some tips and tricks that I use for proper application. How do you apply your red lipstick? Do tell me in the comments below.



Vandna 🙂


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