Tips To Use Johnson’s Baby Lotion On Adult Skin

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Hi ladies,

Baby products have such an intoxicating fragrance in them and they are also so gentle on the skin so we all love to use them! Johnson’s Baby Lotion is one such product!


In today’s post let’s find out some ways in which you can use this lotion.

So let’s get started!

Swatch of the lotion !

As a face moisturizer

I have a combination skin and nothing seems to suit my skin in summer time except this potion! You can also use this to moisturize your face and will get absorbed readily and will leave you with baby soft skin.


With your foundation for dewy finish

If you are like me who prefer dewy finish over matte one especially in winter time then here is a tip! Take your usual amount of matte liquid foundation and add just a little amount of baby lotion to it. Now apply as usual for a dewy finish.

As a hand cream

Oh yes it is really moisturizing and works amazingly well as a hand cream. Whenever your hands feel dry or stretchy, just reach out for this lotion.

As a day cream

If you have sensitive skin and nothing suits your skin then look no further than this magic lotion. As this lotion is meant for babies so it is really mild which will perfectly suit beauties with sensitive skin.

To remove light makeup

If you have light weight everyday makeup on your face and looking for ways to remove it then try using this baby lotion. Just dab some lotion over your face using a soft cotton ball. Leave on for a minute and wipe off with a damp cloth.

Your very own BB cream

If you want light coverage on your face and if you have run out of your BB cream then take a pea sized amount of baby lotion and add translucent loose powder to it. Mix them well and apply on your face for light coverage.

You can definitely increase or decrease the amount of products used according to your requirement.

So these were some ways in which I like to use Johnson’s Baby Lotion, how do you like to use it?

 Do tell me!


Vandna 🙂

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