Tips To Pull Off Dark Lipsticks

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Hi ladies,

Gone are the days of pinky-corally lips as this season is all about dark and vampy shades. Dark shades are not everybody’s cup of tea. They can be quite tough to pull off but from the tips given below, you will be able to wear them with ease…hopefully! 😛

Let’s find out.


Prep your lips first!

You need to prep your lips beforehand as dark lipsticks can easily accentuate the dryness of the lips. Prepping of the lips contains two steps.



If you have a lip scrub then use it or you can make your own. Just take little bit granulated sugar and pour little olive oil on it. Use this mixture to gently scrub your lips. Now take a tissue and blot the excess oil off your face.



Scrubbing should be enough but if you still feel that extra dose of moisturization then use a lip balm on your lips before starting your makeup. Your lips will be prepped when it will come to lipstick application.

Which season it is?     

Although there should be no rules when it comes to decking up but there are and are there for reason! Some colours like darker counterparts of berries or burgundy look more appropriate in fall-winter time. Darker shades of oranges or pinks would look more appropriate with your summer clothing.

Know your undertones

I have explained them in this post!

  1. Cool undertones will complement with blue- or purple-shaded undertones.
  2. Lip colors in warm shades will look best on warm undertones like red-ish or orang-ish.
  3. People with neutral tones are a bit lucky as they can flaunt wide array of colours with ease.

Apply your lipstick with a lip brush

Dark colours can get messy real quick. So you need to make sure a precise application. This could easily be achieved by using a lip brush to fill in the pout.

Skip the glossy finish

Applying gloss over highly pigmented lip might make it look messy and the colour would probably bleed into the skin so avoid using gloss over matte lips. If you must use it then use it only at centre of your lips for fuller looking pout.

Line your lips

Dark lipsticks may bleed outside of your lips which will make the application look really tacky. You can use a nude lip pencil or the pencil that goes with your dark lip colour to line your lips. To do that, start by tracing the border of your lips with a lip liner and fill in the pout with the same shade of lip liner. Now apply your lipstick.

Wear the rest of your makeup minimal

Your dark lips should be the centre of attraction so don’t go overboard with rest of your makeup. Keep everything else simple and non fussy but don’t just completely ignore your face too. Apply light layer of your base makeup products and a thin swipe of liner and dollops of mascara would be enough. Don’t forget to do your brows for a balanced look.

Do teeth check too!

Remove any traces of lipstick from your teeth if you might have any by smiling in front of mirror before going out.

Confidence is key!

People might judge you for wearing that dark and vampy colour, well let them be! Your wear your lipstick like you own it and forget about what others are saying. Confidence is the key when it comes to deep dark lippies.


Vandna 🙂

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