Tips To Choose The Right Shampoo For Your Hair

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Hi ladies,

Shampoos are an integral part of everyone’s hair care routine. So we should choose them wisely and carefully to not affect our hair’s health!

Let’s find out some tips to keep in mind while purchasing a shampoo.

So let’s get started!

Consider your hair type

Is your hair oily, dry or lean towards the normal side? Considering your hair type and scalp type is of utmost importance before buying a shampoo. Go for a shampoo that is meant for your hair type.

Read pH level of shampoo

The pH level of your scalp is slightly higher than the rest of your hair, and is somewhat around 5! If you use a shampoo with a different pH then that will definitely detoriate the overall appearance of your hair and scalp. So considering the pH level of shampoo is also of great importance.

How often do you shampoo?

This is of utmost shampoo because a shampoo that is meant to be used daily should be extremely gentle and mild on the hair. If you are aiming to use shampoo only once or twice a week then you can definitely go for clarifying formulas.

Look out for these ingredients

If your shampoo says it contains ingredients such as jojoba oil, aloe vera, and green tea then that it might be a good idea to go for that as these ingredients are really good for all skin types.

Stay away from these ingredients

Your shampoo should be SLS and paraben free as they are considered toxic chemicals which are casually found in shampoos but do more harm than any good! So start reading those fine prints behind your shampoo bottles.

Consider your needs

Is your hair limp and thin? If yes then go for volumizing shampoo. If it has a lot of build up then go for clarifying shampoo. If you are looking for normal cleansing then go for mild everyday cleansers.

How is your scalp health?

If your scalp tends to get dry then go for hydrating and moisturizing formulas if shampoos minus the strengthening, fortifying, and volumizing claims.

If your scalp tend to accumulate oil then look for labels that read volumizing, strengthening, or balancing to remove excess oil build up.


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