Tips To Choose Right Eyeliner Pencil

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Hi ladies,

When chosen wisely and used in the right way, pencil eyeliners can transform and enhance the overall look of your makeup.

Pencil eyeliners are the most easy to work with. They don’t require too much of precision and they also come in variety of shades. We are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing shades for your eye liner pencil.

In today’s post let’s talk about eyeliner pencils and how we can get most out of them.

For an everyday look

If you want a normal look that is low maintenance and still looks nice then go for neutral brown or taupe shades of eyeliner pencil. These shades are not much of a hassle to maintain and also look good with different makeup looks.

For drama

Black is the colour for you if you want those deep dark eyes. You can layer up your black eyeliner pencil for more intensity and pigmentation. Black is a universal shade that complements almost all other colours in your outfit as well your makeup.

For all the attention

Metallic eyeliners are all the rage this festive season. If you want your eyes to make all the noise then don’t shy away from using metallic shades like silver and gold on your eyelids. You can pair them with numerous shades of lipsticks starting from bright and vibrant ones to muted and nude ones!

For an enigmatic look

Golds, silvers, blacks or brows are not that uncommon to use on the eyelids but colours like turquoise, deep blue or emerald are! So instead of going the usual route, try investing in coloured eyeliners and see for yourself how these colours transform your whole look.

Go for long lasting formulas

Invest in a good brand when it comes to eyeliner pencils. Look out for words like long-lasting and smudge-proof to make sure your eyeliner is on fleek and you require minimal or no touch-ups.

Sharpenable or twist up packaging

We get 2 options while going for pencil eyeliners. They come in twist up packaging and Sharpenable ones. Twist up packaging is bit convenient but the ends get blunt easily while on the other hand Sharpenable ones are easier to maintain but there is product wastage. So each one of these have their own pros and cons. You can go for either of 2 according to your liking and requirement.


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