How To Take Selfies Like A Star

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Hi ladies,

Selfies are fun and they are here to stay! Is your selfies game strong? Do you pout or do you smile sheepishly? What is your kind of selfie?

Well for me I mostly tilt my head to one side and take some few hundred boring selfies all at once! Let’s find out how you can take good selfies!


The lights!


Our stars experiment a lot with different kinds of lightning and you should too! Experiment and find out which one works for you. The selfies don’t have to be all brightly lit; you can get a good selfies with a little less light too if that’s what you are looking for! There is no set rule to great lighting; it could be in front of you, on your sideways or at your back!

What’s your angle?

Try out different angles and find the one that is most flattering for you. Don’t just click one or two, click multiple pictures with different angles and you will definitely know after a few shots, which one is the best?

Pick a side!


Everyone has a side! If you want to know yours, open your camera and click a selfie! Your face will automatically turn on either side or slightly up or down while clicking it and that my darling is your side. If you still haven’t found it well it is about time you do it.

Are you having fun?

Selfies are meant to be fun and not serious most of the times. So think of fun faces to make while clicking a selfies. You don’t always have to show your sexy and sensuous side in your selfies, fun can be good too 😛

Mirror selfies

These could be great if you want focus on your clothes as well. For these selfies, you need to make sure that your surroundings are all tidied up! Most of the girls are pro at taking mirror selfies, you know where? In the public restrooms, you silly!

Get an app

As selfies show up every aspect of your face so everyone wants it to look flawless. You don’t always have to be decked up to take a selfies, to make things easier try a good camera app. These kinds of camera apps clear out the minor imperfections from the face and make it look all flawless.

Focus on your features


I love to take selfies when I have bright lipstick on my lips! It is my thing! What is yours? You could maybe try to focus your eyes, lips or cheek bones for that matter. This is completely your call.

Add some things to your selfies


It could be soft toys, new earrings, your ‘on fleek’ eye liner, a beautiful watch, your pet or balloons in my case. These few things can add new element to your selfies and make them so much more interesting.

So tell me ladies in the comments section below, how do you like to take selfies?


Vandna 🙂


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