How To Fight Less In A Relationship

Hello lovely ladies,

Okay let me confess, this post is more like a reminder for me than for anyone else! I fight and I fight a lot with my partner. I say the meanest things, tend to hold grudges and never ever forget easily and let alone forgive. No matter how much I decide that I will keep my mouth shut but I just can’t seem to do that. I always end up fighting and then regretting later!

So if you are sailing in the same boat as I am then keep on reading.

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15 Ways To Bring Romance Back In A Relationship

Hello readers,

How are you all doing? I am here today with a post on relationships (I feel I am a pro at this :P)

You know you can accentuate and highlight your best features with makeup but when you are truly happy it shows on your face, you not only feel happy but you look happy! And if you are in a relationship that has fallen into a rut, no amount of makeup can make you look or fell good as getting into relationships are easy but maintaining one requires a great amount of our efforts. But sometimes due to lack of time and efforts our relationship becomes monotonous. And to bring that spark back into our relationship it doesn’t take much.

romance couple

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