Expiration Date Of Makeup You Need To Know

Hi ladies,

Are you also guilty of using makeup way past its expiration date or did you know all of our makeup products have an expiration date which many of us fail to realise!

In today’s post let’s throw some light on this topic.

So let’s get started!

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Makeup Tips For Winter Skin

Hi ladies,

Winters are here in full swing. With winters, comes dry skin! We need to take extra care of our skin during colder months. As the skin tends to become dry and flaky, it becomes a bit tough to achieve flawless makeup base.

Let’s know about some tips and tricks that will help to keep your makeup all good and flawless.

So let’s get started!

winter makeup

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9 Beauty Hacks You Should Know Using Vaseline

Hello beautiful ladies,

Vaseline is not just inexpensive but also so damn versatile. This has so many uses that you can’t even imagine.

In today’s post let’s talk about some of the most basic uses of Vaseline that will definitely make your life so much easier.

So let’s get started…

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6 Step Everyday Makeup Routine

Hello ladies,

How are you all today? I am doing great. Winters have set in here in Delhi and I am absolutely loving dressing up in this amazing weather!

In my earlier post I gave you some tips on layering your skin care products, in today’s post let’s talk about a 6 step everyday makeup routine. You can switch up the products a bit to make this routine applicable for every party or function.

Remember this is especially for beginners only as I have not included any kind of contouring or highlighting in this post. If you want to know all about contouring and highlighting routine then do tell me in the comments section below. i would love to do  post on these.

So let’s get started!

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Tips To Pull Off Dark Lipsticks

Hi ladies,

Gone are the days of pinky-corally lips as this season is all about dark and vampy shades. Dark shades are not everybody’s cup of tea. They can be quite tough to pull off but from the tips given below, you will be able to wear them with ease…hopefully! 😛

Let’s find out.

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Tips To Wear Red Lipstick Like A Pro

Hello ladies,

How are you all today? Well I am wearing red lippie today and you know what that means for me, well I feel on top of the world today! Red lipstick does it for me. It makes me all happy and chirpy. Is there any colour that has the same effect on you?

However, some ladies are afraid of flaunting red lippie, I just don’t get why? Red lipsticks can be so empowering. You just need to find the shade that is meant for you. In today’s post let me give you some tips and tricks to wear red lipstick like a pro. So let’s get started.

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