Tips To Choose The Right Shampoo For Your Hair

Hi ladies,

Shampoos are an integral part of everyone’s hair care routine. So we should choose them wisely and carefully to not affect our hair’s health!

Let’s find out some tips to keep in mind while purchasing a shampoo.

So let’s get started!

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Face Mask Recipes Using Aloe-Vera

Hi ladies,

Aloe vera is such a wonder gel and it helps with so many of skin’s concerns. I love to use aloe vera gel in so many of DIY recipes.

In today’s post let’s talk about some easy-peasy face mask recipes using aloe-vera.

So let’s get started!

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Makeup Tips For Winter Skin

Hi ladies,

Winters are here in full swing. With winters, comes dry skin! We need to take extra care of our skin during colder months. As the skin tends to become dry and flaky, it becomes a bit tough to achieve flawless makeup base.

Let’s know about some tips and tricks that will help to keep your makeup all good and flawless.

So let’s get started!

winter makeup

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Steps For Night Time Skin Care Routine

Hi ladies,

Few posts ago, I did a post on CTM routine in the mornings. Today I am here again and I will be telling you all about necessary steps for a perfect night time skin care routine.

We all know our skin cells replenish and rejuvenate themselves at night so it becomes all the more important to use the products in the right order and way. Let’s see how you can achieve a flawless skin with a consistent skin care routine.

So let’s get started!

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How To Care For Different Skin Types?

Hi ladies,

In my earlier post, we got to know about different skin types which is crucial to start any skin care regimen. In today’s post we will talk about how you can care for different skin types.

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What Is Your Skin Type?

Hello ladies,

Can you tell your skin type from combination to oily, or is it normal? Do you know why I am asking this question? It is because finding your skin type is the most basic thing that you can do before buying any kind of skin care and makeup products.

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