How To Survive Valentine’s Day Alone?

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Hi ladies,

Are you one of those who just can’t get all the hype around Valentine ’s Day? Are you single and heartbroken about the fact that you have no special someone to spend the day with then fret not my darling! This article is just for you!

Let’s get started!

Order a huge pizza

You don’t have a partner to share it with, right? That is such a blessing in disguise! You can have full pizza all by yourself and no one will judge for eating a whole pizza!

Throw a party!

Invite all your single friends and have a blast! Remember to make fun of all your couple friends and all those mushy movies!

Binge watch Netflix

Don’t fret over your single status! This could be the day to watch reruns of Gossip Girls or catch that thriller movie without any disturbances!

Shop for gifts online

Silly, you should be your first love and not anyone else! As you love yourself then why not make yourself happy by shopping online and buy some gifts for your awesome self!

Spend the day with your loved ones

Oh come on! This day is about giving and sharing love all around. Try calling an old friend or go out to dinner with your family. You will definitely feel so much better!

Book a spa session

You work so hard then why not treat yourself to everything luxurious and book yourself an elongated spa session! Your calm nerves and baby soft skin will make you forget about your single status!

Cook an elaborate meal

Cooking can be so therapeutic. If you love cooking then it should be easy for you. If you don’t know how to cook then there is always YouTube! Prepare something you are comfortable with or try something totally different and invite your friends over for a hearty meal.

Enjoy your single status

You will miss it! Take my word for it! Enjoy and celebrate with a desert 🙂


Vandna 🙂

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