How To Reduce Stress And Anxiety Levels

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Hi ladies,

There is always some form of tension and stress around us in way or another! It could be in the form of a huge fight with someone you love, a bad job, not getting a job, not getting good marks or probably something else!

In today’s post let’s talk about some really easy peasy ways to reduce those stress and anxiety levels.

So let’s get started!

Go for a walk..alone!

This is the easiest and probably the most effective to release that anxiety and decrease those stress levels! Go for a walk for at least half an hour around your neighbourhood and have some me time! you will come back feeling all sorted and most definitely relaxed.

Get some sleep

Sometimes lack of sleep can make you all crabby and make you feel irritated! If your stress levels are because of that then make it a point to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. You will feel lighter and your brain will work better with sufficient amount of sleep.


Do some breathing exercises and meditate! You can do them daily for just 10 minutes daily if you lead a stressful life. Meditation will not only have a positive impact on your mind but it will also help your brain to declutter which will in turn lessen your anxiety levels.

Get a notepad

If you find yourself in stressful condition and nothing seems to help then start small! Get a notepad and write down all the things that make you smile and you are grateful for! After doing this you will clearer chain of thoughts and relaxed mind.

Eat right

If you are having a lot of junk food then that will obviously have a negative impact on your brain. So try to eat right and include loades of greens, fruits, grains and fibre rich food in your diet.

Talk to a loved one

If nothing seems to help then a hearty conversation with any loved one will definitely do the trick. Being heard and understood by someone who cares for you and loves you will definitely help to calm your mind to a great level.

Book a massage appointment

Massage is a great way to actually reduce the tension from your body and make you feel all relaxed and rejuvenated. So if you are feeling too stressed out then take it as an opportunity to pamper yourself! Book yourself an appointment right now!


Vandna 🙂

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