Reasons Why Mothers Are The Best!

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Hi ladies,

The relationship of a mother-daughter is not just that but it has so many other phases too. Your mother could be your best friend, confidante or your partner in crime too. No matter how many friends you have or you don’t have any friends, you can always count on your mother.

Here are some reasons in which you can say that a mother is always right and she is the best!


She knows you

She has known you even before you started knowing yourself. She knows you inside out. She has seen you grow from a notorious toddler to a gorgeous young woman. She knows all your little nuances, quirks and she still loves you like anything!

She has been there

Chances are whatever you are going through in your life, she has already been there! She has so many more years of experience in life’s matters! So next time you say, Mom you don’t know anything or understand anything at all, well think again!

She pushes you…always

Even when she is comparing you to her best friend’s daughter, she just wants you to be the best at everything. You are her daughter and she wants nothing but the best from you. It might get on your nerves most of the times but she wants you at the top…always. Period!

She doesn’t hold grudges

Oh yes you were grumpy and irritable, no one would bear your anger but your mom! You yelled at her for no reason and she is here feeding you like a puppy after an hour. Moms don’t hold grudges in their hearts when it comes to their children.

She is the most trustworthy person

The world may have betrayed you but your mother would never betray your trust. You can completely your mother with all the life’s decisions and choices and you know you can always count on her for everything.

She knows tough love

She has made you into this confident young woman and only love wasn’t behind it always! She has always made sure that you were grounded and were always trying to be better person and if you were not then she was always behind you to push your buttons!

She wants you happy

No arguments on this one! All she wants is your happiness!

She just knows!

When she tells you it is going to be cold then it is going to be cold so you better layer up! Mother always knows probably because of some maternal instinct.

She is the world’s best cook

No matter how much you eat outside, mother’s food is always comfort food. You always find solace in your mom’ food and you know it in your heart that you are spoiled for life.

She is only human!

Yes mothers are right but sometimes she could be terribly wrong too! It is okay just give her some time to get around. If not then my dear you are on your own in this mean, mean world!


Vandna 🙂

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