Pencil Eyeliner Tips And Tricks

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If you still haven’t mastered the art of applying liquid liners then fret not! You can achieve greater results with pencil eye liners too without as much efforts. Let’s talk about some tips and tricks to make your pencil eyeliner application flawless and hassle free.

So let’s get started!


Make your eyes look larger

Completely covering the top and bottom lash lines will make your eyes appear smaller in comparison. Only apply pencil eyeliners both halfway on top and bottom to open them up and make them appear larger.

Make them smooth

If your eye pencil doesn’t go on smoothly then here is a trick for you. Hold it over a flame for just few seconds and let it cool for another couple seconds before applying to lid.

Correct your mistakes

If you want to correct any mistakes or any extra smudges then just take Q tip and dip it in moisturizer and dot it over the messy spot.

Do easy smokey eyes

If you still don’t know how to play with eye shadows then here is a very easy smokey look that you can achieve with eye pencil. Just take any colored eye liner pencil and apply it on your lower and upper lash line. Use this pencil to apply more colour to your eye lids also. Now smudge it using a smudger brush and you are good to go.

Open up your eyes

If you want to open up your eyes and make yourself look more awake then try using a beige eye pencil to apply on your waterline and also use the same to tight line your eyes.

Set them with eye shadow

If you want to accentuate the colour of your eye pencil and make them last longer then top them off with eye shadow of same colour to intensify the look.

Try different colours

Move away from those neutrals and try beautiful and enigmatic shades like turquoise, royal blue or even ones from purple colour family.


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