Parents Or Boyfriend? How To Choose?

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Will I burn in hell if I choose my boyfriend over my parents?

Will I ever be able to live happy after my marriage because apparently the one who makes his/her parents cry remains unhappy forever!

Will I be able to give my whole to my new family because there will always be a piece of my heart that belongs to my parents!

A girl’s perspective

Yes, I am in love with a guy from past 5 years. I have seen some of the best and worst moments together with him. We have still stuck by each other through thick and thin. Can I leave him just like that just because my parents are saying so?

My parents have love and nurtured me from past 24 years. They were there when I couldn’t sleep at 4 a.m. because of illness. My mom didn’t sleep that night because she was busy caressing my forehead all through the night. My dad couldn’t sleep because how could he! His only daughter was unwell!

How can I let go off my parents because there has not been a single day in my 24 years of existence that I have slept without them. They have always been there. Will I be able to survive all by myself in a new environment?

Will it be easy to let go off a guy who has been nothing but just perfect with me all these years. Can my parents guarantee that I will be better off without him?

Are society’s norms bigger than your child’s happiness?

Will it be fair for the guy if I leave him? What was I doing with him all these years if I knew my parents would never agree? Maybe I thought my parents love me, they will sure as hell agree to my choice of groom.

Ma, if I decide to leave your home will I be able to live without you? You have taught me everything but not this, na?

Papa, he cares for me just like you do, sometimes even better than you. I know I will be happy with him. He makes me feel secure just like you do! You have fulfilled all my demands all my life, this is the last one, I promise!

I will always love you no matter what but I will never be able to live peacefully if you guys will behave so irrationally!


Parents’ perspective

We have love and nurtured her all these years and how dare she think of a guy who has been around just for little while?

There is something awfully wrong with our daughter. Probably that guy has done some black magic on her! How can our beloved daughter gets estranged to us like this!

We have provided nothing but the best for her but all she has brought is disgust to our family.

We will never let her get married to that pathetic guy as our daughter deserves prince charming with a fairytale life in place!

What will people think? How will our relatives react? No one will ever talk to us just because of our daughter. She is such a disgrace!

It is better if she leaves him. He anyways doesn’t deserve our precious daughter!

You will never be able to live peacefully with that guy. He will leave you for some whore or would kill you! We care for you; he is just using you for his benefit.

If you get married to him that means you will be dead for us. We will never see your goddamn face again!

You should die! At least people won’t disgrace us because of your so called love marriage!

Someone tell me what to do?

Nothing helps!



12 thoughts on “Parents Or Boyfriend? How To Choose?”

  1. I remember how once in some platform we were discussing this like how and when our parents gonna say yes for this. Literally you wrote this with so much of emotions. How our life revolves around balancing this

      1. For me it took 2 hours during diwali, they said no that if you want to me marry you can go and get married, I said I’m happy no need to get marry and I came back to chennai, I just made it sure for them that I’m not going to get married without permission, now some time my mom ask about his family and all. Hope for you too things turn out right . Don’t loose hope ever

        1. I am so glad things worked out for you. Your parents seem so sensible. I tried doing the same with mine too and they said thank god you came in your senses. We are happy you took this decision!

  2. In 2014 I don’t want to marry for at least two more year. but after a long torture when i feel depressed, i said yes I wanted to marry but with my Best Friend because i don’t want to loose my great friendship (There is Nothing like Love or GF BF) she is fat and not even Jain. But we feel complete with each other i believe she is better then i deserve.
    And then we PLAN 😀 which i can’t explain here.

    but if you want i will give you an idea, the best ever solution. see thoda jhuth toh bolna padega but in result i promise everyone will become Happy including your parents 🙂

      1. and if we are talking about my result after wo thoda sa jhuth toh… Right now i’m happily married with my wife 😛 😀

        and you know what both families were happy because of our Marriage Arrange.
        Ooppsss… I mean Arrange Marriage. 😛

          1. Thank You!
            and for you i can say Please introduce your Boyfriend to your parents as a friend of yours (with thoda sa Jhuth), help both of them to know and familiarize with each other and after months or a year when you ask your parents to marry with someone they know so well, then convincing your parents would be more easier than your expectations. 🙂

          2. I have already done that and I am way past that phase now! It has been almost a year since I told them about him! Now I am just waiting for them to accept our relationship!

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