My New Year Resolutions For 2017

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Hello lovely people,

Wish you a very happy new year! How did you ring in New Year? I had a fun time with few of my friends.

Coming to today’s post, some of us like to make New Year resolutions but not many of us can actually stick to them. I don’t really make resolutions as I don’t really plan ahead and like to go with the flow but this time I am making an exception. Little bit of planning never hurts anyone! So here is my list of resolutions. They may seem little to you but would mean a lot to me.

So let’s get started!

Learn to love to cook

I hate cooking and I can’t help it. I see my friends lovingly preparing meals for their friends and family and not hating the process. I on the other hand die a thousand deaths even when I have to make tea for 2 people. That’s how hopeless I am. So this year I will try to learn to cook, hopefully!

Learn to drive

It could be anything, scooty or car! My mom is after my life regarding this matter. She wants me to learn driving and I am scared of anything on wheels especially when I am controlling the vehicle! This is really a long shot dream for me but hopefully I will be able to do something about it this year!

Join a makeup course

I really want to learn nuances of makeup from a professional. I love makeup and would love to learn more about it. I hope to enrol myself in a course very soon.

Read more books

2-3 years ago, I could finish a single novel in one day but now I have completely lost connection with my reading skills. So this year I will be reading more and more books.

Get married!

This is like a work in progress! I am trying to convince my parents to let me get married to the love of my life. Hopefully things will get in place real soon as I want my parents to be happy on my wedding day.

P.S. love marriages are really hard!

Lose weight

I am like 5 kgs overweight and I need to shed this excess weight soon. So I will definitely be focussing more on eating healthy and working out a little to achieve my goal.

Be consistent with my blog

After a lot of brainstorming and hell lot of dreams, I started this blog! It is really close to my heart and I wish to continue blogging as long as life allows me. So I would like to post more and engage more of your lovely ladies with me and my blog with each passing day!

So these were my resolutions which are more like lifestyle changes. So tell me in the comments section below about your New Year resolutions.


Vandna 🙂

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