Makeup Sponge Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making

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Most of us like to use makeup sponges or our beloved beauty blenders to achieve flawless makeup application. However there are some mistakes that you might be making with your sponges that you don’t know. Let’s find out what are they and how we can avoid them.

You use a dry sponge

If you are a beginner in makeup world and using your sponge dry then this is the biggest mistake you are making. Soaking the makeup sponge completely in water activates the unique material and it expands to about 50% its size when you use it wet. This way you can get a streak free makeup finish. Also, don’t forget to squeeze the excess water before using as you don’t want a dripping wet sponge.

You apply foundation directly on the sponge

This is not the correct way to use it and you are anyway wasting too much product using this method. Try squeezing a couple of drops of foundation on the back of your hand and then dabbing the sponge on top to get an even layer of coverage.

You apply it in a sweeping motion

Swiping it back and forth vigorously across your face will give you a streaky finish. Always use your sponge in dabbing motions for a perfect finish and coverage.

You use too much pressure

Too much pressure will again result in uneven finish. If you are using a good quality sponge like beauty blender then all you need to do is gently press or pat it on your skin for even coverage and easy application.

You don’t replace it often enough

When you feel that your sponge is losing its vibrancy of colour, starting to fall apart or is gunked up with too much product that it doesn’t even clean properly and gives you streaky finish then it is time to toss it and buy a new one.

You don’t finish applying the foundation before the sponge dries out

Your sponge can dry out before you finish your foundation application and if you are still continuing to use it then you are doing it wrong. If the sponge dries out while you are applying your foundation you should re-wet the sponge with a spray bottle and then continue to apply your foundation.

You don’t dry it properly

After washing your makeup sponges if you are not giving them ample time to get dried then you are making a big mistake. Don’t wring it or squeeze it as it might tear or damage your sponge. You should leave it out to completely dry after washing and before storing them to avoid bacterial growth.

You toss it in your makeup bag

You don’t want breakouts from your makeup sponge right? Do not just throw away the sponges in your makeup bag; always store them in ventilated pouches instead of a makeup bag or plastic bag, so the sponge can breathe.

You only use it with foundation

You can get so many other uses from your makeup sponges and not just foundation application. You can use them to apply blushes, powders, SPF lotions and even self tanner. You can use them as effective makeup correctors. Use the tip of a dry sponge to concentrate concealer for a mid-day touch-up or drag a dry sponge over areas where you have used too much blush or bronzer to help soften the color and intensity of it.

You aren’t washing it often enough

Your makeup sponge needs to be washed after every use as it can harbor bacteria easily and can cause breakouts. You can use anti-bacterial, fragrance-free dish soap and emulsify it in a little warm water in the palm of your hand until it’s saturated.


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