How Your Life Changes After Marriage

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Hi ladies,

Marriage may seem like a small word but it changes your life completely. There are so many stigmas attached to the word, marriage! There are some things that actually change after marriage but there are some things that should never change after marriage. In today’s post let’s find out what actually changes after you get married?

So let’s get started!


You  become more patient

Is there an easy way to live with a guy? Now you have to live with him 24*7! No matter how endearing our husband is, sometimes it is hard to love all his quirky habits. So you become more patient! But hey mind you, he becomes the same with your quirky habits too!

You become more responsible

It is not that you weren’t responsible before but things really change after your marriage! Both of you think about each other before making any big decisions as now you are not just living for yourself but also for each other too!

You feel secure

Yes, now you have a better half who is there to get you through all your insecurities and fears. He is there for you whenever you feel down and out. No matter what time of the day it is, you can always count on your better half.

It Changes your personal goals, dreams and desires

So it totally depends! Some of you will still get to fulfill all your dreams and desires if you end up with a supportive husband and family. But not many are lucky as some of us girls may have to compromise a lot in adjusting to the new environment which means bidding adieu to our hopes and aspirations.

Your priorities will change

No matter how much you don’t want to change but you will change as now you have to act adult and think responsibly for your new family too! Sometimes you will have to cancel going out with your friends because of some family thing! It will happen a lot so you will have to keep a balance to enjoy your married life but at the same time not letting go of your inner self!

You spend wisely


Well now you are binded by law with each other that means your spouse’s credit card history may affect you. So, both of you become more responsible on where to splurge and where to spend your money. Most of the times it is not your individual decision but a collaborative one with your partner!

You will not change overnight

Don’t expect that you and your partner will wake up as brand new and mature people after marriage! Yes a lot of things will change for the better but everything requires time, patience and lot of efforts from both of you as individuals. So expect any miracles overnight!


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