How To Deal With Heartbreaks

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Hello lovely readers,

How are you all today? Is there anyone who is trying to mend their broken heart today? Well this post will try to help you get over that terrible heartbreak and will also get you off that couch for good. If you want to know more then keep reading…


Heartbreaks are hard and yes they do hurt terribly! I have been in a steady relationship for a while now and we have had the worst fights possible. There were some days when I thought everything was over and my tears and my heart were all over the place. You don’t have to cry all day and night to console your poor heart. There are few things that you can do to get your heart all smiling again!

Turn up the volume

Baby girl, don’t be a couch potato! Get up, switch on some music, turn up the volume and dance to your heart’s content. Dance on the sassiest numbers and stop with all those heartbreak songs to get you started.

Go for a run

Wake up in the wee hours of morning, get in those sexy yoga pants and go for a jog or a run; after all you gotta burn those extra calories you piled on eating those tubs of ice-cream. Get your heart rate racing, you can try kick-boxing also (imagine you are kicking that ex of yours :P)

Go on a vacation

Forget everything behind and go to a nice place for vacation with your near and dear ones. Interact with the locales, try regional cuisine and make new friends along the way. You will surely come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Take up a hobby

You have got some free time and energy now so why waste it doing nothing or sulking! Take up a hobby, it could be anything that you might have been thinking of doing pursuing but never got around to it.

Go club-hopping

Tag your girlies along and go club-hopping! Have some fun while you are at it. Meet some cute guys and have a great night (don’t go overboard though and be safe!)

Forgive him

No matter how things ended, don’t hold a grudge. It is not for him but for your own peace of mind. Forgiving him will help you to move on and get on with your life without any grudges.

Don’t isolate yourself

Yes your heart may be hurting and you need some alone time, it is completely okay to feel this way but isolating yourself completely from friends and family ain’t gonna help matters! Sometimes talking about your heartbreak to someone close to you might be of great help to you.

Cut off all contacts with him

You are going through heartbreak, he broke your heart and the last thing you want to have is any contact with him. If you want to move on in your life then remember to not be in touch with him. He moved on, it is about time that you did the same.

Burn the pictures, eat the chocolates

I think is it pretty self-explanatory. Cut off all ties with him and that also includes deleting all photos which are just going to remind you of him and will eventually make you cry. Have fun in your life, eat good food and delete bad pictures!

In the end, yes you will cry maybe you will cry a lot but remember this pain is not gonna last. You will be okay in the end so why make a fuss over a guy!

Stay happy



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