Gift Ideas For Yourself This Valentine’s Day

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Hello ladies,

It is February already! First month of the year flew by in a jiffy and here we are in this lovey-dovey month! No matter how clichéd it may sound, most of us do want to do at least something on this day and want to make our significant other feel special.

But hey it is 2017 and before making someone else feel special, why not start with ourselves! Why not make ourselves feel special!

In today’s post let’s talk about some gift ideas for your own self. After all, self love is the best kind of love 🙂

So let’s get started!


Okay forgive me for starting with makeup but this is what that makes me happy and I hope makeup has the same effect on you too! A bold red lipstick, a matte black eye liner and a touch of highlighter makes me happy like nothing else. Try it for yourself 😛

A new hair style

Try something new and different from your comfort zone. You only live once right? Have a talk with your hairdresser and do try something new but make sure it suits your face cut!

 Pretty lingerie

Why not! Go hit the racks and buy the prettiest set of lingerie for your little self and spend some time admiring your reflection in the mirror!

A jewellery piece

It could be that dainty necklace or that beautiful ring you have been eyeing! This day is perfect to gift yourself some pretty jewellery pieces.

Spa day

You work so hard and this could be the perfect time to just sit back and relax and what better way to do that than a luxurious spa day! Book yourself one before it is too late!

Dance class subscription

Life is hard and you gotta have fun while you are at it, right? Forget all those gym memberships and enroll yourself in a dance class. You will stay fit while enjoying yourself and grooving to the music!

A solo trip


You gotta travel alone at least once in your life, girl! A solo trip will enrich you in more ways than you can imagine! Book yourself a trip and start packing!

Happy loving yourself!


Vandna 🙂


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