Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend/Husband

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Hi ladies,
There are always materialistic things that you can buy for your man but things that are handmade will hold such special place in his heart. You can take out sometime do these little things which will make him grin from ear to ear and also they are budget friendly So, if you are on a budget and still want to make your guy happy then try making or doing some of these or all of these for that matter 😛


You will need very few things to make a really nice scrapbook for your guy. You will need few pastel sheets, photographs of him and both of you together and very basic decorative material! Now all you will need to do is to paste the photographs the way you want to and write little anecdotes and memories attached to that photograph. I made one for my guy, it took me 4 days but he had tears in his eyes so I think it was worth it 😛 try doing the same for your guy too.

Plan A Romantic Dinner Date

This may sound clichéd but it is also tried and tested one. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home and set everything up at your own place. Go for candles, roses, soft lights, mushy music and a perfect dinner menu for you and our guy. Tried making something that he likes the most, even if it won’t turn out well, your guy will definitely appreciate your efforts.

Photo collage

You can get it custom made or you can make one by yourself. It is not at all expensive but it definitely counts as a thoughtful gift. If you want to make one, then just take a card board and wrap it up with a favourite paper of your choice. Take nice print-outs of the photos that you want to paste. Arrange them on the cardboard nicely and paste them. The last step is to get it framed and you are done!

Go hiking

The time that you both spend together is the greatest gift. Netflix and chill might be your idea of fun but why not do something totally different this time. go in the lap of future to rejuvenate your senses and spend some quality time in the quaint of nature. You will feel closer than ever!

A coupon jar

Get a mason jar and some colourful post-its. Write different things on them that you can do and your guy can redeem whenever he has been good 😛 coupons could range from flirty to really naughty. It could totally depend upon your level of intimacy with each other.

Get inked

Well I did too and it was worth it! If you are really sure about the guy then why not go ahead and get inked. This could be a gift of lifetime for him. But do it only after a lot of thinking!

Let him own the day

Plan a day completely keeping his interests in mind. Do whatever he likes to do. He anyways does it every day, you can spare him atleast one day that is totally reserved for him 

Make custom movies

Okay I am guilty of overdoing them! I make them every once in a while and my guy really waits for them eagerly! I have downloaded a movie maker on my phone, I just use our pictures, shuffle them and add really romantic music to them and voila! This is really easy and it definitely brings a smile on his face everytime.
Tell me what do you like to do for your guy?
Vandna 🙂

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