How To Fight Less In A Relationship

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Hello lovely ladies,

Okay let me confess, this post is more like a reminder for me than for anyone else! I fight and I fight a lot with my partner. I say the meanest things, tend to hold grudges and never ever forget easily and let alone forgive. No matter how much I decide that I will keep my mouth shut but I just can’t seem to do that. I always end up fighting and then regretting later!

So if you are sailing in the same boat as I am then keep on reading.

Agree to disagree

Couples in relationships are two different individuals so they are bound to have difference of opinion on various day to day matters. So don’t always fight thinking the other person is wrong just because you don’t share similar opinions. Respect your partner’s opinions and their choices too and they will surely reciprocate the same.

Talk it out

If there is any particular issue that always comes up when you guys are fighting even on some other thing then it is time to have a lengthy conversation regarding the issue with your partner. Tell whatever you have in your mind, what hurts you and your partner would understand it surely if you will put your point across in a decent manner.

Everyone has flaws

If you will think that your partner is perfect and can’t commit any mistakes then you are expecting too much. This is not a healthy practice as you will expect way too much from your partner and even a little mistake from their side will hurt you a great deal. So accept that we are mere human at the end and we all make mistakes.

Accept that being wrong is okay

You can be wrong too, right? Do not let your ego come in between your relationship. If you are wrong then there is no harm in admitting your mistake. Your partner will definitely appreciate your gesture.

Appreciate each other

Appreciating your partner’s little efforts here and there go a long way. Do not ever forget to say thank you and acknowledging their efforts. Not taking your relationship for granted will make you guys appreciate each other more and lesser fights.

Listen to each other

If your partner has had a crappy day then try not saying anything and just listen to their ramblings. Your partner would do the same for you. When we are upset, not so great things tend to come out of our mouths but when you and your partner are sympathetic towards each other in those times then that will definitely lead to more intimacy and lesser fights.

So these were the few things that I am applying in my relationship and yes they are helping me a great deal. You can also try them to have a more mature and fulfilling relationship with your partner.

If you have any doubts then feel free to ask me in the comments section below.


Vandna 🙂

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