What Does Your Favourite Lipstick Color Says About You?

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Hi lovely ladies,

There are so many lipstick shades in our kitty but we reach out to only some of them on regular basis. For me those colours would be red or fuchsia. I like bright and poppy colours; I am not a neutrals person. If I am wearing lipstick then I might as well wear it bright!picsart_11-15-07-10-24

Well this was just my opinion! Which are the colours that you like to wear often? Do tell me in the comments below!


I had to start off this list with my favourite colour “red”. There is no such colour like red in my opinion. Red is the colour of passion and love. This colour calls for bold statements. If you are red colour wearer then that means you are not afraid to speak your mind and you are all for all things mushy!

Bright Pink

This bold colour is synonymous with a woman who is fun, flirt, bold and outgoing. If you put on this color, it indicates that you aren’t afraid to show the world your wild side. You are up for any new experiments and new adventures. You know you have got one life and you also know how to live it to fullest.


You are as feminine and sophisticated as they come. You like to be in control of your life and things surrounding it. Yes you are all for subtlety in your life but that does not mean you are going with the flow as there is a large amount of power in the colour’s simplicity.

Light pink

Light pink lips give off a sense of tenderness, empathy and a high level of ambition. This colour represents the cheerfulness and bubliness of a person in the most innocent way.


This colour represents fire. This colour shows off the warm side of a person. This is not an easy colour to pull off but orange colour wearers don’t shy away from standing against the crowd. You are wild, carefree and energetic for all the life’s matters.


This colour shows off your maturity levels and also how people can be dependent on you. You are seen as lovable, warm and trust-worthy person who is deep rooted to the ways of nature as this colour represents earth.


These shades symbolize luxury, power with a hint of mystery. You enjoy every aspect of life but when it comes to love you prefer the thrill of the chase over a quick conquest. This colour lets you express your wilder side in a mysterious way.


This colour says that you like things prim and proper with no extra frills. You like to do what is required but don’t like to be the centre of attraction. You like to keep an eye out for the latest trends while play it safe with statement pieces to make a statement.

Lip Balm

You do not care what people think about you. You are in your own comfortable world and try to be productive with your time most of the times. You have a n-nonsense attitude and have a practical approach towards life.


Vandna 🙂

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