Eye shadow tips and tricks for flawless application

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Hi ladies,

Are you also slightly intimidated by eye shadows just like I was few months ago? If your answer is yes then go ahead and read this post which will definitely answer some of your queries regarding eye shadows and will also give you some tips and tricks.

So let’s get started!

Blending is key

Your eye shadow application can look really blotchy and lines can look really harsh if you are not blending them properly. They should look seamless and for that to happen, don’t shy away from spending an extra minute blending the eye shadows.

Use an eye primer

An eye primer will solve the problems of oily lids, creased lids, eye shadow smearing or fading and will also make your eye shadows go on really smoothly. If you don’t want to invest in a primer then you can also use your concealer to do the job.

Don’t forget to highlight

Accentuating the brow bone and corners of your eyes with the right light shade can help to brighten up the eye area and will also help you look more awake.

Invest in eye makeup brushes

Yes for beginners you can start with your fingers but if you want to improve your eye makeup skills then consider investing in a set of eye makeup brushes.

Make colors more vibrant with white shadow

If you want your eye shadows to really pop then you can use a white base of eye shadow and then apply your usual colours for the effect.

Buy a matte brown eye shadow

Apart from its usual job, a matte brown shade can also be used as concealing a wide hair part, contouring under your cheekbones, as a natural-looking eye liner, and to define and fill in eyebrows.

Choose the eye shadow formula carefully

Pressed eye shadows are the most common type of shadow and you can definitely start your makeup journey with them!

Cream eye shadows work best as a base color for powder eye shadow and they can also be used if you want a glossy finish on your eye lids.

Loose eye shadows are often most pigmented, but can be messy and tricky to work with.

Keep this order in mind!

Start with single eye shadow

If you are not comfortable with all mixing and blending and want to go the basic way then try using only one colour on your eye lid and apply it using your finger! You can finish off with a black eye liner and loads of mascara.


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