Expiration Date Of Makeup You Need To Know

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Hi ladies,

Are you also guilty of using makeup way past its expiration date or did you know all of our makeup products have an expiration date which many of us fail to realise!

In today’s post let’s throw some light on this topic.

So let’s get started!

Cream based products

6 months to a year
  1. Moisturizers
  2. Liquid –creamy foundations
  3. Concealers
  4. Creamy eye shadows
  5. Creamy blushes

Cream based products have various oils, water and hydrating agents which shorten their shelf-life and also make them prone to accumulation of bacteria. So toss away these products as long as they hit expiration mark.

Powder based products

1.5-2 years
  1. Face powders
  2. Compacts
  3. Powdery eye shadows

Powder lasts longer than wet formulas as it is dry in texture and is less prone to accumulation of bacteria. But, watch out for any change of texture, appearance or any funny smells coming from your powdery products.

Eye products


3-4 months

When we pump the mascara, we let the air in and also the bacteria. So toss away your mascara every 3 months if you don’t want any eye infections.


6 months to 1 year

Gel eyeliner only lasts six to eight months because you’re constantly double-dipping a brush into a pot. Although a pencil liner has a shelf life of one year.

Lip products


2 years

Lipstick can last you upto 2 years if you will take care of it. Try to use a lip brush to apply your lipstick and put it in refrigerator after using it.

Lip balm and lip gloss

1 year

These things can accumulate bacteria easily. So toss them away in a year or so!

Nail products

Nail polishes

2 years

Once nail polish is opened its ingredients can evaporate which can cause the polish to thicken and separate. You can easily use your nail polishes upto 2 years.


Vandna 🙂

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