Why Dusky Spells Sexy?

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“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!”

Oh really! Do you think so too? I sure do! If I am liking someone but that is definitely not because of their complexion but rather their personality! If I am liking someone then that is because of their behavior towards me and not because of the melanin content in their skin.

What are your opinions towards it?


I am writing this post for a wonderful friend Esha who I haven’t even met yet. We are sitting across almost thousand miles away (Yes I googled!) and yet I can say we are each other’s well wishers.

While I may still feel a bit uncomfortable in my skin but here she is a true Indian dusky beauty who is in love with herself and who also motivates you to love yourself too!

It is not easy being dusky and confident in India where fairness creams are sold and bought at rapidly disturbing rate. No one can change the colour of their skin completely (unless you go for skin lightening medical treatments). Are you also one of those who feel that they are good enough for the society just because they are of certain colours!


Who said, fair is pretty! Well fair could be termed anything but I can definitely say dusky spells sexy! There is some kind of earthy aura around a dusky woman which makes a lady look real, attainable without looking plastic and unnatural.

No one is above or beneath everybody. Everyone has got something that they can boast of. Just because you have got a fair complexion, it does not give you the right to throw your weight around people who are not the same colour as you. Just because someone doesn’t fit your idea of being perfect that does not mean that they are any less than you!

However things are changing a lot for dusky beauties. Dark skin is not considered inferior any more. Fashion industry is running after that bronzed glow who were once crazy about fair skinned divas with rosy cheeks. That is not the case anymore and it is bound to get better with each passing day.

Being duskier has got lots of beauty and health benefits too! Let’s find out what they are!

Dusky skin is actually healthier – this is scientifically proven!

Dusky skin has more melanin content that it means it will suffer less sun damage than your fair and lovely skin. Less sun damage means better skin’s texture and overall a better skin!

Darker skin makes you look younger

As there is less sun damage, the aging process starts a bit late which means lesser wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines.

Dusky is sexy!

I mean just have a look at her, don’t you find her sexy! There are so many beautiful dusky actresses out there who are epitome of everything sensuous and sexy!


You don’t need to apply any product to ‘colour’ yourself a bit

You’re naturally blessed with warm coloured skin so you can easily get away with so less amount of makeup. A swipe of kohl on your eyes and a bit of gloss will make you so much more attractive in less a minute!

Dusky skin is considered ‘exotic’


There is something about dark, well groomed, supple and glistening skin that definitely appeals to not only men but also women too! Dusky is exotic, admit it!

Oh and one more!

Dusky skin photographs well


Yes those chiseled and sharp features with that beautiful skin tone show up really well on the photographs. It won’t be wrong to say that dusky skin is a photographer’s delight!

So if you are dusky then own your skin. Say goodbye to all the fairness creams which will do more harm than good to your beautiful skin. Be comfortable in your own skin and if you don’t know how to do that then take some inspiration from the pictures of Esha.


And if you still feel short of inspiration then look at Nandita Das who has fought the battle between dark and fair skin right from when she entered the industry or Konkana Sen Sharma, another dusky bollywood actress who has never used any skin lightening cream or the beautiful Lisa Haydon who is looked upto by so many young fashionistas and who sexily and proudly flaunts her coloured skin.

All the stunning pictures are provided by my beautiful and sexy diva friend “Esha” 🙂


Vandna 🙂

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  1. That’s truly wonderful. We need to embrace our natural complexion instead of running after the fairness fad. Glad you wrote this beautiful post. :*

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