The Correct Order To Apply Your Skincare Products In The Morning

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Hi ladies,

There are so many skin care products available in the market with oh-so fancy names; it can get really overwhelming to know the correct order of their usage. You can’t just slather on one product after another, correct order ensures that you are getting maximum benefit of that particular order.

Today’s post will help you apply your skin care products in correct order. So let’s get started!


Obviously that’s a first. Cleanse your face with a cleanser that is non-drying and is gentle on your skin too. Cleanser helps to clear and remove all the dirt and oil build-up from your face effectively.

Cleansing can be made effective by using a scrub at least once or twice a week to get rid of all the dead skin cells. You can also use a gentle exfoliating cleanser like the one in picture for effective and thorough cleansing.


Next step is to use a toner on your face but it is completely optional. A toner does help with the pores effectively so you can surely give it a try. For starters, you can go for gulab jal as a toner. If you are using a store brought option then make sure it doesn’t have alcohol in it as alcohol can be really drying and harsh on the skin.

Serum (optional)

You can choose to use or not use a serum on your face, I have also recently started using a serum from The Body Shop that I got in my November fab bag and I plan on buying the full size of this potion. Serums hep with the issues of uneven skin tone, dull skin, fine lines, and more! So incorporating a serum in your routine might be a good idea.


No matter what your skin type, it’s important to use a moisturizer daily. You can opt for gel, oil or water based moisturizer according to your skin’s needs. The best time to apply a moisturizer is when the skin is still moist, just lightly pat your face damp, apply your treatments and serums and then immediately apply a layer of moisturizer to lock in the hydration. Moisturizing your skin daily now will definitely help your skin in the years to come.


This is a no brainer. Sun protection is must no matter what time of the year it is! A sunscreen with broad spectrum will protect you from the sun damage and will ultimately help your skin to remain youthful for more years by avoiding any sun damage. So no matter what, always apply your sunscreen. If you are too lazy then you can also go for a moisturizer that has SPF in it.


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