Colorbar Keep Blushing Blush Brush Review

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Hi ladies,

Colorbar is a great brand which offers variety of makeup brushes to suit one’s liking and need. I was at a lifestyle store one day when I noticed the eye makeup, foundation and cute blush brush. I picked them all up. I have already reviewed the eye makeup brush set and today is the turn of blush brush from Colorbar. Let’s see if this one was worth my money or not!



INR 475 for 1 blush brush

Product Claims:


Look no further if you’ve been searching for that happy blush you get when your heart’s been racing! This perky and fluffy brush applies just the right bit of color to take every skin tone from drab to fab in a flash.



The brush comes packed in plastic packaging. The black plastic packet is transparent from the front and has all the details regarding the brush at the back of it.

How To Use:

Stroke the brush over color, smile and brush across the apples of your cheeks working outwards. Lightly dust over the high points of your face for that cheeky glow! Gently clean the brush by washing with mild shampoo and cold water, rinse and leave to air-dry.

About the Brush:


The brush is half white and half black in colour. The brand name is written on the white part of the brush. The bristles are bright pink in colour. All the 3 colours together make it really nice to look at, which was the main reason I picked this brush. The shape of the brush is curved and the bristles are a little over an inch. The brush is so fluffy and the bristles are quite densely packed.

Bristles are really soft but they felt a bit harsh in initial 2-3 uses. After wash this issue subsided and they were not at all harsh on the skin. The brush did shed just a few bristles in the first wash but after that it did not shed any!

Due to dense bristles, the brush deposits color quite nicely on the cheeks. It picks up plenty of color in a single swipe so you need to be a little light handed in using this one.

Pros of Colorbar Keep Blushing Blush Brush:

  1. Easily available
  2. Attractive packaging
  3. Dense shape and curved brush which picks up color well
  4. Fat round handle makes it easy to grip
  5. Does not feel harsh on the cheeks
  6. Shedding during first wash only

Cons of Colorbar Keep Blushing Blush Brush:

  1. Felt a bit hard in initial uses
  2. One needs to be a bit light handed in application

Would I recommend it?

It is an okay brush. It is not necessary that you buy this brush. There are better brushes available in same or lesser price range. You can live with or without it. if you can get past the initial scratchiness of the brush then it is a good deal!

TCM rating:



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