Clever Uses Of Pigments By Faces

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Hi ladies,

Pigments come in endless array of colours and can be used in so many ways apart from the obvious! Let’s find out how you can use them in different ways because they are so multipurpose!

So let’s get started!

As an eye shadow obviously!

They are great and oh so pigmented! For more insane pigmentation, dampen your brush with a makeup setting spray, take the pigment and apply directly on the lid!

As an eye liner

You can repeat the same steps as mentioned in the above point, just use an eyeliner brush to apply your pigments as eye liner.

As glitter/metallic nail paint

Take a bit of the pigment and mix it with clear nail paint. Now you can apply this mixture as a nail paint which will look perfectly fine and will work better than many of your glitter nail paints.

As a highlighter

The lightest shade of pigment works amazingly well as a highlighter. You just need to be light handed as you can easily go overboard with them.

To highlight your legs

You can mix the silver pigment with your body moisturizer and apply on your legs. You will be left with gorgeous and longer looking legs in no time!

Make your custom shade of lippies

Faces offers endless colour choices when it comes to these pigments. Pigments can be mixed with lip gloss to create your own custom lip color. Take a small amount of clear lip gloss on the back of your hand and use a brush to mix your favourite pigment in with the clear gloss and mix it well. Now you can use a lip brush to apply this on your lips.

Pigments as blush

You can make your own cream blush by mixing a bit of moisturizer and your favourite pigment shade from the family of red, pinks or corals.

So these were all the ways that I have used various pigments! How do you like to use them?

Do tell me!


Vandna 🙂

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