How To Choose A Face Compact+Tips And Tricks

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Hi ladies,

Let’s talk about basics of makeup today and let me start by face compact.

So let’s get started!

What is a compact?

A compact is a makeup setting powder which is essential in every girl’s vanity! It mattifies the skin, sets your foundation and concealer, it prevents your makeup from creasing, gives an even toned finish and what not!

When to use a compact?

A compact is meant to be used after your base makeup which means your moisturizer-primer-foundation-concealer routine!

You also need to remember that compact is applied before the use of blush-on, lip makeup and eye makeup!

Consider your skin type!

For dry skin

You don’t need to powder your whole face if you have dry skin as a compact will further dry it out a bit more. So apply the powder only on the T-zone and under the eye area. Do not use compact on any dry areas or patches on your face.

For oily skin

A compact is boon for ladies with oily skin. A compact will help to absorb the excess oil production and will help to mattify your face which will in turn make your makeup last longer on your face.

Choose the right shade

A compact is meant to gel well with your foundation or BB cream shade so do not a shade lighter or darker. Choose the shade that goes well with your face colour. However if you have oily skin then you can go a bit lighter on the shade because when powder touches oil, it oxidizes.

Choose the right formula

If you have oily skin, look for a powder that contains talc which works as an oil absorbent and will help combat oily skin.

Those with dry skin should find a powder that has hyaluronic acid, as it has hydrating and moisture-boosting properties.

Select a larger-sized brush for applying the face powder

You can use the sponge applicator that comes with the compact but if you are using a loose powder then your best bet is to use a large sized powder brush to apply it. this way you will achieve a natural finish with healthy glow.

Use face powder before applying eye makeup!

If you powder the area under your eyes before applying eye makeup, you can easily remove traces of mascara or eye shadow powder on your skin without smudging. After you are done with your eye makeup, just dust away excess face powder.

Don’t use too much powder

Too much of a good thing can be bad and too much compact or loose powder may make your face look all cakey! So use only one coat of powder on your face for normal to dry skin. If you have really oily skin then you can go over again on your T-zone.


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