How To Choose And Apply Blush Perfectly

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Hello ladies,

A blush is one of the most underrated products in the beauty industry. If used in the right, a blush can add the right amount of colour and warmth to the cheeks and also help you to look not washed out. Blush puts your whole makeup look together and adds a healthy glow to the cheeks.

In today’s post I will tell you the right way to apply blush and some tips and tricks that will help you achieve that subtle glow to your cheeks.

So let’s get started!

How to apply blush?

how to apply blush

Start from your hairline and work your way inwards. You don’t have to apply blush in the hollows of your cheekbones and also on the tops of your cheekbones. The area in between them is where you apply your blush and blend it seamlessly.

Don’t apply blush solely on the apples of your cheeks as that may turn out a bit clownish.

blush mistakes

Use the right tool


Although I can work with blushes with my fingers but not everyone can! You can go for a designated fluffy blush brush to apply your brush in sweeping motions and don’t forget to blend it all nicely.

Pick the right formula

Powder blush

They are easier to apply and last longer than the cream blushes. Ladies with normal to oily skin can go for powder blushes.

Cream blush

If your skin is aging and if you are facing issues of fine lines and wrinkles then it is best if you use a cream blush. Ladies with dry skin can also go for cream blush as it won’t further highlight the dry patches around your cheeks.

Pick the right colour

If you have pale skin tone then go for pink or coral blushes to add some warmth to your face.

If you have medium skin tone then go for rose, apricot and coral toned blushes for a perfect glow to your cheeks.

If you have dark skin tone then go for plums and dusky brick red shades to enhance your overall appearance.

So these were the few basics about blushes. Stay tuned for my post where I will be telling you all about applying blush according to your face shape and also some awesome hacks.


Vandna 🙂

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