Blush Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

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Hi ladies,

In my earlier post, I gave you some tips and tricks to use blush perfectly. In today’s post I will tell you about some awesome blush hacks that will help you get most out of your blush.

So let’s get started!

Compliment Your Lipstick And Blush Shades

You don’t want too contrasting colours on your lips and cheeks. You don’t have to be all matchy-matchy but at least use both the lipstick and blush from the same colour family.

Use Cream Blush On Dry Skin

Powder blush can be used on almost all skin types but if your skin is dry then try using cream blush. It won’t look all flaky at the end of the day and will give a luminous glow to your cheeks.

Use Lipstick Instead Of Blush

If you have run out of blush then don’t worry as your humble lipsticks can come to your rescue! You can use your fingers to apply and blend your favourite lip shade onto your cheeks. You can apply the same colour of lipstick on your lips also, this way you will not have to worry about matching the shades of lipstick and blush.

Use Your Blush As Lip Stain

Take some powder blush on the back of your hand and mix a bit of clear lip balm with it. Mix them well and use it to apply on your lips. This will work perfectly as a lip stain. You can also use this same method to make a cream blush out of powdered one!

Use Your Blush As Eye Shadow

A blush has multi-purpose uses! You can also use your powder or cream blush as an eye shadow to complete your eye makeup look.

Use Your Blush As A Correcting Concealer

If your blush has pink or peach undertones then you can use it as correcting concealer to conceal those dark spots or hyperpigmenation around your eye and mouth area. Just mix your powder blush with Vaseline and apply on the desired areas. Don’t forget to blend it well.

Powder It Up

If you want your cream blush to last long then you top it off with a powder blush in the same shade. You can also use a translucent powder also to do the same.

Smile While Applying Blush

If you don’t know where to apply your blush then the easiest way is to smile and use blush. Smiling helps identify where your cheekbones are hiding out. Start near the apple of your cheekbone and swipe up and back toward the hairline.

Mix Your Blush With A Bit Of Bronzer

If your face lacks that glow or if your face tends to look really pale and dull then try mixing just a tiny amount of bronzer with your blush. Apply on your cheeks now. This trick will definitely give a very healthy glow to your cheeks.


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