Beginners Guide To Must Have Eye Makeup Products

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Hi ladies,

If you are a beginner in the world of makeup then it is so easy to get lost in the endless eye makeup products. There are just too many different kinds of products when it comes to easy which can easily get overwhelming for a makeup beginner.

In today’s post I will help you clear all your doubts and would also help you choose some must have eye makeup products to help you nail some basic eye makeup looks.

So let’s get started!


Indian girls’ love their kajal and most of us really can’t step out of the home without a swipe of it! Sometimes kohl laden eyes and hint of gloss on your lips is all you need for a casual everyday look. If you are using a nicely pigmented and long lasting kajal then you can also use it as a liner. This way, a kajal will serve you 2 purposes!

Eyelash curler

Curlers should be used before using mascara. A curler curls the lashes and after that you can use 2-3 coats of mascara for those fluttery eye lashes.


I have seen many girls not using mascara but it makes a world of a difference to your eyes if you are using the right one. Go for the one that claims to be lengthening and volumizing mascara for your lashes to get those fluttery doll-like lashes. You can go for a second coat of mascara also to intensify the look.


If multiple coats of mascara are just not enough for you and you want all the drama with your lashes then don’t be afraid to use false eye lashes. You can get some great deals online while purchasing them and they do take your eye makeup game to another level altogether.

Eye liner

These come in 3 variants; pencil, liquid and gel! Pencil eyeliners could be for your everyday use as it is quite easy to apply.

Liquid or gel liners are a bit tricky to apply especially if you are a beginner. One needs just a bit of practice to nail different winged eyeliners with liquid or gel ones. Once you master the art of using them, trust me you will never look back!

Eye makeup brushes

Although you can use your fingers for most of the makeup products but as our eyes have very little surface area and to achieve that precision, one needs to have at least basic eye makeup brushes. Many brands have their own collection of different makeup brushes. You can start from basic eye makeup brushes like; an Angled Eyeliner Brush, Smudger Brush, All-Over Eye Shadow Brush and a Blending Brush.

Brow kit

Let me be honest with you guys, I still haven’t mastered the art of achieving those thick dark brows. I am still learning and a beginner at this point. You can start from a basic brow pencil to fill in your brows in the beginning and after that you can graduate to some basic brow kits.

Eye shadows

Yes they may look confusing or difficult to use but all you need is a basic eye shadow kit to practice. If you are uncomfortable with bigger palettes then start your journey from a single pot of eye shadow, start with a neutral shade and then move on to add more colours for different makeup looks.


You don’t always have the tine to run to the parlour to get rid of all those stray hair near your brows. Tweezers can come in handy when you don’t want all those stray hairs and just want your brows to look perfectly arched.


Vandna 🙂


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