Beauty Hacks Using Baby Powder

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We all love to try different beauty and makeup hacks that make our super busy lives a bit easier and convenient. Today I am here to tell you about some beauty hacks that you can do with baby powder. These are all tried and tested so go ahead and try them yourself and tell me do they work for you or not?


Keep lipstick in place

If you want your lipstick to stay on your lips for the longest hours then using baby powder is the way to go. Apply one coat of lipstick, take a tissue and put it over your lips then brush some baby powder on the lips with a fluffy brush. Now apply another coat of lipstick and you are good to go.

As Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos really help when you want to go longer between your hair washes. They absorb excess oil from the scalp and also give your hair some volume. Dry shampoos are usually a bit expensive so you can try cost-effective baby powder instead! Just apply a few shakes of baby powder to the roots of hair, rub thoroughly and blend with a brush. For those with darker hair, try mixing your baby powder with unsweetened cocoa powder so it doesn’t appear chalky white.

Boost the volume of your lashes

If you want those volumized looking lashes minus the falsies then you can try this trick. Apply a coat of mascara. Now apply a light coating of baby powder to lashes and then go for another coat of mascara for those doll-like lashes.

Keep Shoes Smelling Good

Every one loathes that show odour and you can get rid of it from your shoes by using some powder. Dust some baby powder inside those smelly shoes to deodorize them and keep your feet and shoes smelling fresh for longer intervals.

Achieve shine free face

The talcum in the powder absorbs the perspiration on the face and keeps down the shine. You can always use a compact but give that humble baby powder a chance to do the same. Dust it on your T-zone area to keep oil and shine at bay.

Less Painful Waxing

Powder absorbs moisture which makes the hair stick to the wax more. Dusting some baby powder before you wax and the wax will hold onto your hair and not your skin!


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