How To Adjust In A New City

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Hi ladies,

Sometimes we need to uproot ourselves and go to a completely new place. It could be because of a new job, studies or even your marriage!

Coming in a new city and adjusting in the environment can get really tough. So let’s find out how you can adjust and acclimatize yourself to new environment.

Let’s get started!

Find Your Footing

By this I mean, make a real effort to know your immediate surroundings. Try to find nearby supermarkets, grocery stores, cafeterias and maybe a neighbourhood park. This will ensure your basic necessities are all sorted.

Spend A Day Exploring The City

After the first step, next step would be to reserve a day for yourself and just roam around the city. Walk to nearby areas and maybe take public transport and go for sightseeing around your city. This way, you will see some new places and you will also ease into the vibe of the city. Don’t forget to talk to locals when you are busy exploring!

Get A Library Card Right Now

If you are a book lover like me then go get yourself a membership to your city library. You will not only find like-minded people there but it is also a great way to pass the time when you don’t know too many people in a new place.

Join Hobby Classes

If you are in the city for your college, job or even if you have gotten married; you can always take time out for a new hobby. Indulge in something that you love to do and you will sure shot make a lot of new friends there and you won’t feel that much alien to the new city.

Go For Work Outings

If you are in a new job then make an effort to hang out with co-workers and to bond with them. This will not only make your work life easier but will also ensure you don’t miss your old friends as much!

Do Up Your New Home

Even if you are living in a dingy hostel, make it a point to make it your own little space. When you have a warm and welcoming space then you automatically feel at home!

Appreciate The Differences, Don’t Compare Them.

Your old city was different and the new city might be radically different but that doesn’t mean that you start comparing the two! Every city has its own charm and you just need to find it! Try to love the differences between the two cities and you will automatically feel more relaxed and calm in the new place.

Don’t Stress About It

Don’t stress and put yourself in added pressure! Enjoy this time exploring the city and enjoy this me time! Sometimes things take some time so let them unfold naturally!


Vandna 🙂

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