9 Sure Signs That Say, He’s The One For You!

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Have you recently started dating someone and wondering whether is the the one for you? If yes then go ahead and read along!

It will definitely give you a fair idea on what to expect and what to look for in a guy!

So let’s get started!

  1. He loves you for who you are!

You don’t have to play the pretend game with this guy. He loves you for who you are and never judges you. You can be yourself with him and never have to worry about any judgements, whatsoever!

  1. He is there in the times of need

You don’t have to try to reach out for him when in times of need as most of the times he is right there with you, supporting you! For some times when he doesn’t, he probably might just be taking a nap 😛

  1. He makes you happy

When you’re with him, you’re constantly smiling, laughing, and just happy. The thought of meeting him still makes you weak in the knees. In short, your happy moments outweigh the crappy moments in your relationship!

  1. He makes you a better person

Being with him elevates you rather than holds you down. He constantly tries to be really encouraging and positive towards your life’s decisions, sometimes when you are incorrect, he is there to help you reach a decision!

  1. He is proud to show you off

He is not hesitant about you meeting his close friends and family. He is proud to show you off to his loved ones and you are more than happy to accompany him to his social gatherings.

  1. He makes efforts

He takes out time for you from his busy schedule just to see you at the end of the day. He tries to make plans and plan dates considering you in his mind.

  1. He’s your go-to person

For just about anything and everything! Got a promotion, call him! Your best friend’s getting married, call him! You got in a cat-fight, still call him!

  1. He lets you vent

Life can get irritating and frustrating at times and lets you vent. He tries to be considerate most of the times and doesn’t get annoyed by your ramblings. For other times, give him a chance to vent too 🙂 he is only human!

  1. He imagines a life with you

He is not just fooling round and actually imagines a nice and secure future with you. You can also picture a life with him and it gives you chuckles when you both talk about your future together!


Vandna 🙂

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