9 Beauty Hacks You Should Know Using Vaseline

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Hello beautiful ladies,

Vaseline is not just inexpensive but also so damn versatile. This has so many uses that you can’t even imagine.

In today’s post let’s talk about some of the most basic uses of Vaseline that will definitely make your life so much easier.

So let’s get started…

Make your perfume stays on for long

Rub Vaseline on your wrists, behind your ears or all your pulse points and then spray your perfume to make it last longer. This will ensure that the fragrance stays on for longer intervals on your body and you smell fresh for long!

Use it for subtle highlights

Highlighters are all the rage nowadays. You can use Vaseline to dab on brow bones, lids, or the apples of your cheeks. This will help you achieve that dewy look minus the use of costly highlighters.

To tame your brows

If your brows are unruly and tend to go cray during the day then take little amount of Vaseline on a cotton swab and use it to tame your brows. Your brows will stay put all day long.

Protect your skin from hair dye

If you are colouring your hair at home then it’s easy to get dye on your forehead or around your ears. Apply Vaseline beforehand and then colour your hair. Vaseline will block the color from seeping into your skin.

DIY lip stain

If you have got any broken lipstick then you can make a beautiful lip stain by warming up that lipstick with a bit of Vaseline. Mix them up well and just transfer them into a container. Refrigerate it and your lip stain is ready to use.

Put pierced earrings in more easily

If you have recently got pierced or you haven’t worn earrings in long time then putting those earrings back may hurt. You can generously apply Vaseline and then put on your earrings which will definitely go on more smoothly.

Make your legs glow

If you want those sexy and shiny legs like celebs then use Vaseline mixed with your favourite liquid bronzer. Spread it all nicely on your legs to achieve goddess like shine.

To achieve perfectly manicured hands

If you haven’t got steady hands like mine then you can easily get nail polish outside the rim of your nails. Before applying nail paint apply Vaseline around the boundary of your nails. The jelly will keep polish from spreading outside your nail.

Exfoliate your lips

Dry and chapped lips are nobody’s delight. Apply Vaseline generously on your lips and after ten min use a toothbrush to scrub away all that dry and flaky skin. This is the easiest way to prep your lips for all those unforgiving lipsticks.


Vandna 🙂

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