7 Ways To Use Olive Oil

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Hello beauties,

I did not use olive oil for the longest time but then someone suggested it and I bought my first Figaro olive oil bottle. There has been no looking back since then. This multi-purpose oil has so many uses. It could be used on face, your hair, body or even in cooking. Here are some ways that you can use it for if you don’t already use it.

So let’s get started!


As a body lotion

Yes it works great as a body lotion. I use this oil in winters as I don’t find it suitable for summer time. I use it in the shower while my body is still damp. This oil glides on smoothly over damp skin and gives me plump looking skin which remains moisturized throughout the day.

As a makeup remover

Olive oil is great for removing your everyday makeup. You just need cotton swab and put some oil on it to use it on your face. If you have heavy makeup on then you will need couple of swipes to effectively remove your makeup.

Substitute for shaving cream

There are so many substitutes of shaving cream and olive oil is one of them. It not only makes it easier for the blade to glide over my body, but it also moisturizes my skin as well. So next time you run out of your shaving cream, try using olive oil instead!

As a deep-conditioning treatment

My hair tends to look really dull and lifeless. I shampoo and towel dry my hair, after that I use olive oil to gently massage my scalp area. I, then take a towel dipped in hot water and tie it on my head. This method really works well to moisturize my hair as the oil seeps under the scalp really effectively. You can also do this treatment before shampooing your hair. Just warm up the oil and use it as a hot oil treatment a night before shampooing to let the oil seep deep into the hair shaft for maximum benefits.

For moisturizing my cuticles

I do it once a week or at least once in 10 days. I soak my nails in slightly warmed up olive oil and a bit of water and wait for 5-10 minutes. You can also do this. After this take a bit of olive oil and rub it into your cuticles before pushing the skin back with a cuticle stick.

For cracked heels

My mom does it religiously especially in winters. Just take slightly warm water and squeeze a lemon’s juice into it. dip your feet in this water. After that, rub olive oil on your feet generously. You can also wear socks to prevent your feet from accumulating dirt.

In DIY recipes

You can use olive oil in any of your face mask or face scrub recipes. You can also make a lip scrub using olive oil and granulated salt. Olive oil can also be added to various hair masks for luscious and moisturized hair strands.

Do you also use olive oil? Tell me how do you like to use it?


Vandna 🙂


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