7 Ways In Which I Use Patanjali Rose Water

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Hello ladies,

How many of you use rose water regularly? Well I sure do! Rose water has tonnes of benefits and is amazing for all kinds of skin types. Earlier I was using Gulabari rose water but from few years I switched to the Patanjali one and there has been no looking back.

This rose water is also quite inexpensive, priced at INR 30 for 120ml. There are so many ways that I use rose water on a daily basis. Here are some ways. In the comments section below, do tell me how do you use your rose water?

  1. As a toner

This was a no brainer. I cleanse my face, pat it dry and use this Gulab Jal as a toner on my face. Toner helps to tone up the skin and also helps to close the opened pores. Most of the toners available in the market are loaded with chemicals and rose water seems like a safe alternative to them.

  1. As a facial mist

My skin tends to look really dull and lifeless in the summer time and Gulab Jal really helps to freshen up my face. I have transferred the Gulab Jal in a spritz bottle and I use it throughout the day for instant freshness on my face.

  1. As a cleanser

This is quite easy and effective way to cleanse the face. I take a tsp of gram flour and add rose water to it. Then I use this mixture as a cleanser on my face. This works great in cleansing the face and is as natural as it can get.

  1. As a body spray

I use this technique throughout the summer time as my skin gets sunburned quite easily. I take rose water in a spritz bottle and add 10-15 tulsi leaves to it. This concoction helps to calm down the sunburned skin and provides instant relief. Refrigerate this mixture for added benefits.

  1. For puffy eyes

I work on laptop for longer hours which can get really tiring and my eyes look really puffed up at the end of the day. If you face the similar issue then place a bottle of rose water into the fridge for half an hour and then, apply some of it on a cotton pad and gently place it on your eyes. This will soothe your tired eyes and will also help to de-puff them.

  1. With face packs

Some of the face packs have dry ingredients or some have solid consistencies which can be difficult to work with. Instead of using water, I use rose water in my face packs and then apply on the face. This trick adds the benefits of rose water to your face packs and makes your skin glow.

  1. For mild skin allergies

I tend to get mild allergies on my cheeks every now and then if I use any new makeup product; nothing seems to work on them than rose water. I cleanse my face, use rose water generously on my face and lastly I apply aloe-vera gel on my face instead of any other moisturizer. I do it twice a day and this works excellent in getting rid of mild allergies on the skin.

Don’t forget to tell your ways!


Vandna 🙂

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