6 Step Everyday Makeup Routine

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Hello ladies,

How are you all today? I am doing great. Winters have set in here in Delhi and I am absolutely loving dressing up in this amazing weather!

In my earlier post I gave you some tips on layering your skin care products, in today’s post let’s talk about a 6 step everyday makeup routine. You can switch up the products a bit to make this routine applicable for every party or function.

Remember this is especially for beginners only as I have not included any kind of contouring or highlighting in this post. If you want to know all about contouring and highlighting routine then do tell me in the comments section below. i would love to do  post on these.

So let’s get started!

Step 1:
Start with a clean canvas

The first step to layering any face product will be to clean our canvas absolutely clean that means start with a squeaky clean face. Use a good cleanser and you can also scrub your face to get rid of all the dead skin cells and flaky skin. Don’t forget to moisturize after cleansing and exfoliating your face for smoother application of makeup products.

Step 2:
Prep your skin

Use a good quality primer on your skin to prep it. Primer will shrink the pores, will make your makeup long lasting and it will also ensure that your makeup glides on smoothly on your face.

Step 3:
Use a concealer

If you have got dark circles around eye area or any kind of pigmentation then you can spot treat them using a concealer. It will help to counteract shadowy areas. For brightening effect, use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin.

Step 4:
Use a foundation/BB/CC cream

This should be your next step. If you are looking for more coverage then go for foundation according to your needs. You can use ones like mattifying for oily to combination skin or dewy one for dry skin. Remember to exactly match your foundation to your skin tone.

If you are looking for everyday usage and light coverage then go for BB or CC creams.

Step 5:
Powder it up!

Use powder or compact on your face after foundation and concealer routine to seal in everything. Powder will help your makeup to stay for longer times.

Step 6:

Blush helps to impart a rosy hue to the skin. Many women tend to leave this step but a blush actually helps to put all your makeup together and give you a nicer and healthier looking skin. For an everyday look, you can go for lighter shades for that subtle glow on your cheeks.

After these steps you can apply your lip products. Your eye makeup could be done before or after doing all these steps. This is completely upto you.

If you will be using basic eyeliner-kajal-mascara then you can do it after doing your full face of makeup. But if you will be using all the powdery eyeshadows and different shades then it is best to do your eye makeup and then move on to your face makeup.


Vandna 🙂


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