15 Ways To Bring Romance Back In A Relationship

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Hello readers,

How are you all doing? I am here today with a post on relationships (I feel I am a pro at this :P)

You know you can accentuate and highlight your best features with makeup but when you are truly happy it shows on your face, you not only feel happy but you look happy! And if you are in a relationship that has fallen into a rut, no amount of makeup can make you look or fell good as getting into relationships are easy but maintaining one requires a great amount of our efforts. But sometimes due to lack of time and efforts our relationship becomes monotonous. And to bring that spark back into our relationship it doesn’t take much.

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Here are a few tips that I have tried on my man that have worked when nothing else seemed to work for us. You can give them a try and show him that he is the best thing in your world.

Let’s get started!

  1. Switch off your cell phones and put on your running shoes and just go for a walk. Observe the world around you together and soak in on the nature. Make it a habit of going to your neighbourhood park for at least 15-20 minutes a day together to spend some alone time minus any tech distractions.
  2. Give him a random gift; it could be anything ranging from the DVD of his favourite movie or his favourite book. You don’t need an occasion to make him feel special. Do you?
  3. Our man always compliments us, it’s his moral duty I guess 😛 but when was the last time you showered him with compliments. For a change just say all the nice things even if you don’t mean them. Trust me; it will get him smiling all day long.
  4. Most of the time he pays! Why don’t you take him out for a treat to a place that he likes? Spend a day with him doing all the things that he loves. Most of the times our guy pampers use crazy, this is about time you did the same!
  5. Bored of going to the same old places then go to a club instead and dance the night away with your spouse. Do funny steps together, laugh at each other and just have fun while you are at it.
  6. Arrange a professional photo shoot for both of you on any special day for the memories that last a lifetime. You will feel so connected and disconnected from the world just looking at the photos and reliving the memories again.
  7. Record a romantic message or sing a silly song and send it to your partner while he is away working! I do it all the time J He will definitely appreciate your efforts.
  8. When he comes home after a hard day at work just give him a big bear hug and he will forget all the hardships he went through in his day.
  9. If you don’t cook, learn something simple and surprise him with that dish. Even if it won’t taste great, chances are he would still appreciate you for all the efforts you put in for him.
  10. Bake a cake for him on his birthday or any day for that matter. You don’t need any occasion to celebrate your love, do you?
  11. Who doesn’t like being pampered? Arrange a spa day for you and your man and spend some WE time together!
  12. Make him a list of all the things that you like or love about him.
  13. He went down on his knees and proposed to you. Why don’t you do the same on your anniversary or his birthday? He will be touched by your gesture.
  14. He is the one who listens to all your blabbering in your relationship. For a change, let him talk and just listen to what he says.
  15. On his birthday, I made him a personalized scrapbook which contained all our photos and I poured my heart out in that scrapbook. It took me full 6 days to complete it. And trust me, when he received it, I could see the sparkles in his eyes and I also got a permanent tattoo done of the first alphabet of his name. He had tears in his eyes!

Choose any one of them and make him feel special, he will go crazy and will love you even more than he already did.

And if you try any, please do tell me 🙂

If you don’t wanna do them then no worries, make him read this post, he will probably get the hint 😛


Vandna 🙂

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  1. Wow Vandana, these are so different and innovative tips. I loved reading this, specially 5th and 11th one I liked the most. And will surely try it out.
    And thanks for such sweet and beautiful post….

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